The study program for the training of female guides and family guides in Gishat Jonathan Doron

"We are all children of life"

(Written by Shalom Hanoch, minister Eric Einstein, the late)

And for good reason.

"Our dialogue with the boy or girl within us is a daily dialogue that never ceases to exist. The humans we are are made up of moments of joy and vulnerability, happiness and shock, success and failure, peace and noise. Moments that we take with us on the journey of life since we were in our mother's womb. I believe that, as in the song, we are all "children of life" at every age, at every stage. It is impossible to treat and heal families without taking care of andhealing the boys and girls we are

After twenty years in which I have been engaged in educational work, guiding families, children and teenagers, the moment is ripe to open the training program for guides and family guides in my approach, and to increase the light in the homes of the world. The studies are experiential, moving, different, in-depth, focused on the truth and what happens in the hearts of families in the real-reality of life, and are groundbreaking and life-changing studies in the inner worlds of each and every student."

Jonathan Doron

The study program for the training of family guides in the Yonatan Doron approach

We are very excited to invite you to join the second round of a unique and groundbreaking training program based on the approach of Jonathan Doron, developer of the ” Education Tree ” approach and the ” Advice ” model (interest, need and opportunity).
Y. Jonathan Doron – a senior and leading educator in Israel, a mentor for educational teams in Israel and abroad,
ran the democratic high school”A community “in Tel Aviv, and the framework”Anchor “for children with behavioral difficulties of elementary age in Bat Yam, wrote his best-selling books – ” Everything a Child Needs “, ” To the Magical Forest of Childhood ” and ” Children of the Moon “, global TEDx lecturer , therapist and guide for over a decade for parents and teenagers at Ramat Clinic The soldier in Tel Aviv, which provides parental guidance services to parents from Israel and around the world.

The progrem target

The training of counselors and family counselors in leading processes of profound change and healing growth, and to bring about a significant emotional rapprochement between parents and themselves, children and their parents, and parents and their children.

Who is the program for?

To the graduates of Jonathan Doron’s courses and workshops in the past, to novice and veteran therapists, psychologists, social workers, art therapists, physical therapists, parent and women counselors and educators who wish to expand their range of therapeutic tools and receive professional training for an approach that brings great light to children, youth and parents already in many countries in the world

The learning in the program

C. The studies will be conducted in the vast majority directly by the director and leader of the program – Yonatan Doron.
The studies will be mostly experiential and will include an in-depth personal process of each participant, during the study of Jonathan’s approach. We will be together in the worlds of movement , music , writing , painting , theater , meditation , breathing , martial arts , Eastern wisdom and Western positive psychology alike.
The program includes one academic year starting in October 2024.
30 hybrid sessions – a large part of the lessons will be delivered in face-to-face meetings and some will be delivered through distance learning in the ZOOM application. the meetings There will be two possible morning routes – a study group on Monday mornings or a study group on Friday mornings.
Hours of face-to-face classes on Mondays: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Hours of face-to-face classes on Fridays: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Online classes will last two and a half hours per class.

First meeting date for studies – will be held in October 2024.

Central contents in the studies of the program

The essence of love in childhood and encountering emotional accidents during childhood, the approach of the tree of education – the 4 stages of human reality in relationships with parents and with themselves,

study the The language of tigers – working with objections, avocado dad mothers of the gods , theThe Piterfani Deal “In parenting, feelings of regret andlack of emotional connection to parenting , sanctifying the value of enjoyment at home, twins , single parenting , children and youth at risk , new families , special needs , Pinocchio – the conflict of the democratic child, Spiritual education , to grow Free children , hug andTo love the frustration of education andfall in love with mistakes , Reflections between parents and children andbreaking the chain of intergenerational suffering , Identifying and analyzing parental forces , Grandfather Jephto – The new grandparents , Hoodie child – when the body betrays the child, the language of children’s questions , the gift of time and anger , The bride is a parent andparental fulfillment , Just being there – practices in real presence, The sadness of parenthood, the journey to the mountains Childish and parental forgiveness , The secret prayers of the sons and daughters of the youth, Expanding the cracks of light from internal fractures, tantrums among children and parents, sibling relationships, a chronicle of self-harm among youth, tools and guidance for building a successful clinic and more…


From the middle of the school year, the participants of the program will begin to lead training processes in families, accompanied by Jonathan’s online meetings, the date of which will be determined during the school year. Certification as an access therapist will only be given to participants who have completed two full guided and successful processes with at least 2 different families.


90% attendance in classes. Graduates of the program who complete the internship hours will be eligible to receive a certificate of training as a family guide in the Jonathan Doron approach.

After school: Honors students will be given the opportunity to work through the Jonathan Doron Center, and will have the option of receiving supervised supervision from Jonathan Doron for a fee.

The main points of the program

the head of the program

Jonathan Doron


Consultation and registration

Natalie 054-742-8991 (click to dial)


Relevant professional experience + suitability examination by Jonathan Doron

When and where do you study in college?

Face-to-face classes on Mondays/Fridays: 10:00-14:00, in the center of the country, and online classes on Mondays/Fridays: 9:00 to 11:30.

Start date of studies

October 2024
Registration closes in May 2024.

the duration of studies

8 months from October 24 to June 25.

Tuition cost

Full price: NIS 12,850.

Early registration of a full payment arrangement until 5/30/2024 – a discount of NIS 2850 will be given.

Advance fees for studies: 750 NIS.
🡠 You can pay in a spread of up to 12 interest-free payments with a credit card/direct order.
🡠 for cash payment with early registration (up to 2 payments) – a discount will be given for an additional NIS 700 .

registration process

A. After you have read the curriculum and understood all the technical details, please fill out the personal questionnaire: Questionnaire for compatibility with Yonatan Doron’s therapist training studies <<

B. After reading your questionnaire and it seems that we are suitable – we set up a Zoom meeting for you to get to know Yonatan Doron.

third. If during the introductory conversation both parties want to continue together, you will be invited to pay the registration fee and/or inside.

For more details and questions please contact Natalie:

Cancellation policy for an academic year in the training program:

• Cancellation by 13.8.24 the payment will be returned except for the advance payment.

• Starting from 14.8.24 until 23.9.24, half of the amount of tuition will be refunded, minus the advance payment.

• As of 9/24/24, no payment will be refunded.

• In any case, the advance fee will not be returned.

Pictures from the college where the first cohort studied

"The more I deepened my personal journey and found within myself the strength to get out of the tangle of roots that closed me, I could see my children as they really are. Free to be themselves. They don't need to remind me of myself in anything. I don't need to fix my childhood through them. Their childhood is in their place and mine is in my place . and all of our childhoods are intact."

~ Jonathan Doron