The store regulations

1. You are requested to read these regulations in full and carefully, as a prerequisite for entering into a contract between the parties

2. The store is used for the purchase of products by the public surfing the Internet in Israel, and persons aged 18 and over, who have an e-mail box on the Internet in Israel and have a residential address in Israel, who have a valid credit card in Israel are allowed to purchase there.

3. A prerequisite for the validity of a participant’s winning in a purchase is the approval of the credit card company for the transaction and for the payment.

the supply of the products

1. The store will arrange for the delivery of the product ordered on the website to the address as typed by the customer on the registration page, within the time specified on the product’s sales page, unless explicitly stated otherwise and after approval of the transaction by the credit company. It should be noted that only in the option of ordering express delivery to the home with a courier there is a delivery time commitment, which is within 48 hours from the moment of confirmation of payment from the credit company. When the customer chooses “regular” delivery and “registered mail” delivery – the store does not guarantee the delivery times, and within 24 hours from the date of purchase the customer will receive a notification with the package number for tracking by Israel Post.

2. The store and/or suppliers will not be responsible for a delay in delivering the product in the following cases:

2.1 Force majeure and without prejudice to the generality of the above, war, hostilities, emergencies and natural disasters.

2.2 Strike at the companies for transporting the products.

3. The delivery times of the products and/or services as indicated on the sales page include only business days, that is, Sunday-Thursday excluding Friday, Saturday, holiday evenings and holidays.

4. Browsing the store and/or purchasing the product and/or service offered for sale therein, constitutes your agreement to accept and act according to the regulations, therefore if you do not agree to the conditions of these regulations, you are requested not to make any use of the store.

5. The price includes VAT unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Regular purchase

In a regular sale, a limited amount of products are offered for sale at a predetermined price. The sale procedure will be carried out under the following conditions:

1. The store will display a list of products including all the details about the product or service offered for sale and the price as determined in advance, the sale is until the stock runs out.

2. After adding the requested products to the “shopping cart” the buyer will continue on the “shopping cart” page to the “purchase confirmation” and there he will fill in his complete details and then the online shopping process will end.

3. For a telephone purchase – the completion of the sales procedure will be carried out after the transaction has been verified by telephone within 24 hours (of a business day) from the date the order was placed.

Customer Service

Any questions or inquiries regarding the products displayed on the website, including information on the correct use of the product and details and inquiries regarding the store and its activities, can be addressed to:



1. The pictures shown on the website are for illustration purposes only, and do not bind the store.

2. The store and/or anyone on its behalf will not be responsible and will not bear any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused to the user or a third party, as a result of using the website.

3. The store will not be responsible for the assembly and/or installation of products purchased on the site and this responsibility will apply to the customer and at his expense.

4. ICONS Any information and/or display appearing on the website, including graphics, design, verbal presentation, trademarks, logos including their editing and presentation on the website, are the sole property of the store.

5. Do not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish or use in any other way the contents appearing on the website, unless prior written consent has been given on behalf of the store.

6. If the product supplied by us arrived at the customer damaged, and if there is any fault in the quality of the products supplied by us, you can contact us at the email: jondoron@gmail.com, and we will make sure to supply a proper replacement product within 14 days.

Product replacement

• Product exchange via invoice within 14 days only. A refund will be given by law within __10_ business days only, above a purchase amount of ___50_ NIS, a refund will be given according to the payment method the customer paid. In case of transaction cancellation, 5% or NIS 100 will be deducted from the value of the transaction, whichever is lower.

• The credit is personal and cannot be transferred or sold. • Exchange of an item at its value at the time of exchange.

cancel reservation

1. As a general rule, the customer may cancel the deal* subject to and in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law 1981 (hereinafter the law: http://www.consumers.org.il/category/deal-annulment-regulations)

2. It is possible to cancel the purchase of a product/registration for a lecture or a study workshop – 14 days from the day of receiving the product, the cancellation will be done only by a message sent in writing and/or by fax and/or by e-mail directly to the store.

3. In case of cancellation of the transaction, the customer will be charged at a rate of 5% but not more than NIS 100, in accordance with the provisions of the law.

4. If the product was delivered to the customer, the customer is obligated to return the product to the store itself. It is agreed that the customer will return the product in its packaging, complete and without injury and/or damage and/or defect of any kind.

5 It is agreed between the parties that the customer will be required to pay in full for shipping fees, and this if the product has already been sent to the customer.

6. The store will be entitled to cancel a transaction or sale in whole or in part in the following cases:

6.1 A pen error was made, either in the price of the product or in the description of the product.

6.2 In case of force majeure, act of war, hostility, terrorism and/or anything else that prevents the continuation of a proper sale.

7. Notice of the cancellation of the sale will be given to buyers by phone and/or by e-mail to the address specified on the registration page.

8. In the event that the product runs out of stock after an order has been placed, the store may cancel the sale and/or offer an equivalent replacement product. Notification of such cancellation shall be made in writing or by telephone.

*Cases in which it is not possible to cancel a transaction: http://www.consumers.org.il/category/cases-for-no-annulment-rights

privacy protection

The website will not keep credit information of the customers and the customer information of the website will not be transferred to a third party in any way.