Everything a child needs – the bestseller

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The bestseller in question by the educationist Yonatan Doron, which takes the reader on a fascinating and sweeping journey through a turbulent childhood, at-risk youth to becoming an educational director and family counselor.

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“All a child needs is one adult to believe in him,” said Rabbi Shlomo Karlibach.
Who is that “adult” and what is the process he has to go through with the child in order to give him everything he needs and wants?
Yonatan Doron opens for us a courageous and revealing personal travel diary, exciting and moving,
From a childhood of wandering between air force bases as the son of a pilot father, through youth in a boarding school, to being an educator, high school principal and educational and family consultant.
Photos and events from his childhood, which Jonathan brings here in small and painful portions, evoke a desire to rescue and protect him and immediately give him everything a child really needs. But as you read further, the picture becomes clearer: that boy grew up and got stronger, and now he is the one who does everything to give the children in need everything they need. Jonathan is not an educator who teaches the child in a didactic tone how to align with the norms and be exactly like everyone else. He is an educator who studies each child and helps him to be what suits him to be, within his world, within the system. It is not a book by an educator who recommends what can be done to get the child to manage within the accepted framework, but one that thinks about what can be changed in the accepted framework so that each child can get what he really needs.
Yonatan Doron, thirty-eight years old, lives in Tel-Aviv, married to Shiran and father to Michelle and Amelie; Parent guide and family counselor, and also manager of a unique educational framework in Bat Yam for children with behavioral difficulties. In addition, he lectures and serves as an educational consultant for the education teams in schools.
(from the back cover of the book)

From the comments of parents and educators who read the book:

“The book that restored my faith in adults.”
“Read, cry, get excited and learn. A must-have book for every educator and parent”
“A powerful and inspiring book that cannot be put down.”
“‘The Kite Runner’ and ‘Forrest Gump’ meet Janusz Korczak.”
“As a person and as an educator, I find myself reflecting on him a lot. I took a lot from him, especially the compassion and inclusion and trust that every child needs.”

The book was published in March 2018 and over 15,000 copies have already been sold!

These are some of the other comments from the readers:

The book that restored my faith in adults “, Sharon Kaplinsky Tel Aviv
The first book I finished in ten days! Amazing and written so beautifully and fascinating! Highly recommended for every parent “, Sima Katz, New York.
I went on a fascinating journey with you, I could imagine the pain, I was able to see the words, I was moved by the moments and above all you reminded me how good it was that I chose to do vocational training and engage in education “, Ronan Levy, Azor.
I recommend to every parent and educator to read and internalize. I finished the book in one day, I just can’t put it down !” Ortal Yohad, Ramat Gan.
This book caused my heart to heal its fragments and to be filled with deep life insights full of kind words that made it truly at ease, made it be. I completed an entire childhood thanks to this book.” Bat Al Schwartzman, Kiryat Motzkin.
Simply amazing! And also fascinating, empowering and gives so much strength to continue to engage in education and to be simply a human being…” Liron Orlev, Tel Aviv
I finished the book, and I have to say that this is the second book I’ve read in my life, and this time I really enjoyed it, I was excited and of course I learned a thing or two “, Shlomi Vakanin, Moshav Tadhar