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Accompanying process for writing a book

In recent years I have accompanied writers in the process of writing and publishing books, which are basically autobiographical books.
The accompanying process is from the idea stage, to the depths of the writing process, to the moment when the book is placed on the shelf in the bookstore.

Accompanying process for writing a lecture

To date, I have accompanied lecturers in personal meetings and together we will give birth to their lecture for the world. It is a great excitement for me to see lecturers who have worked with me, start lecturing throughout the country and conquer the hearts of the audience out of truth and inner burning that seeks to bring change and healing through the lecture.

More talented people whose journey I had the privilege of accompanying, exciting, important and brave..

Andrey Khulin

“big as life”

An exciting and inspiring lecture "big as life" The story of Andri who grew up as a newcomer in a distressed neighborhood until he became an athlete in the Israeli national team, a coach and the owner of a judo school.

Limor Pinils

“I should have stopped”

In her lecture "I had to stop" Limor brings a glimpse into the unspoken world of life with post-trauma and with cancer that comes as a surprise and stops everything. But precisely from the place she arrived at, she was able to find the strength to fight for her life and win it back, strengthened more than ever and equipped with a multitude of tools and insights. Limor's fascinating life story received tremendous attention from "Khalasartan", as well as in social networks and in the written press such as "Yediot Ahronoth", "Haaretz", "Mako" and more.

Nurit Yankalevich

“The Missing Call”

"Conversation  The missing" is a lecture about the things we wanted to say and chose to keep in our hearts.
In the lecture Norit will tell about the missing conversations in her life through points in the timeline that touch on pain and hope.
In the lecture, the participants will receive tools that will help them have the missing conversation in parenting, in the family, in the workplace, and more.

Mittal and Anono Babila

“Shattering the parental fantasy”

No one prepared us for this moment when we will become parents, the automaton is to act out of instincts or according to the childhood home, but this is not necessarily what will allow the child to be mentally healthy and succeed in the various areas of life. The lecture refers to the essence of the parental role combined with a personal life story in which Mittal reveals the gap she experienced between the external successes she achieved and what she felt on the inside. Mittal tells about the way she turned from an accountant to a parent's guide and an emotional coach for children and youth and mainly talks about what needs to be done today in order to raise the mature person of tomorrow.

Fan light

“here we live calmly”

In her lecture "Here we live in fun" Norit allows a glimpse from the point of view of a girl who lives in economic deprivation and instability, with a second generation father of the Holocaust and all that implies and a life that was conducted in chaos but she always felt loved, able, talented and grew up to live her destiny As an educator and coach of teenagers and close communication at home during adolescence. Today, as a mother of 3, she shares her way of thinking as a child and as a mother, and the insights that accompanied her along the way, And also about her special connection to her parents and the way they chose to educate her and her brothers despite the hardships they experienced.

Amir Tzur

“see good”

Amir Tzur was for 20 years one of the biggest and most respected designers in Israel - from Prada, through Nespresso and Tommy Hilfiger, Castro and more... until one night in a bar with friends an event happened that changed his life, and led him to become a trainer and master therapist in NLP and other approaches from the worlds of positive psychology. In the lecture, Amir will share his wonderful and inspiring story, and will provide paths to get out of situations of exhaustion, anxiety and sadness in our lives.

Hila Glick

“Grandpa Geppetto and I”

Moran Jacobson

“What Sound Does The Animal Make”

Moran Jacobson's debut book will take you on a journey of getting to know 30 animals, their family members and the names of the sounds they make. "What Sound Does The Animal Make" the book that will teach you how a cow bleats and a sheep steals.
An amazing opportunity to broaden horizons and enrich the vocabulary of the children (and yours). 

"Such a wonderful book, enriching, instructive and spectacular in its beauty. A book that should have been written a long time ago. The children and parents who read it will receive a great gift. Moran, I see here a blessed bestseller." [Yonathan Doron]

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