In the land of wild creatures

For kindergarten and elementary education teams

What are the causes of behavior problems among children and how are they dealt with at school?
How do you manage to reach every child and create change in the existing educational framework?
What is behind the saying - "All an adult needs is one child to believe in him"?
How do you create successful experiences for the teacher and the child?

Yonatan Doron’s new, immersive and exciting lecture
Gives an empowering and strengthening experience to educators wherever they are.
In the lecture Jonathan will reveal fascinating and instructive case stories, from his experience as a frame manager
for children with severe behavioral difficulties in the city of Bat Yam, and will provide tools and emphasis for working with children defined as “children
Explosion”, and together with the team will draw a new map to a positive and bright path for teachers and children.
To this day, Jonathan’s lectures have been booked in dozens of educational institutions throughout the country, moshavim, kibbutzim, municipalities
and educational bodies (the Ministry of Education, the WICHO World Organization, etc.), academic institutions (Bar Ilan, the Kibbutzim Seminary),
The Ministry of Defense, the IDF, the prison service, commercial and high-tech companies, and more.
Jonathan’s first book – “Everything a child needs” which became a bestseller and even received a letter of appreciation from the president
The State, translated into English in the USA and published there, in November 2019 Yonatan started a tour
International lectures that began in North America

About the lecturer:

Yonatan Doron, author of the books “Everything a Child Needs”, “To the Magical Forest of Childhood”, “Children of the Moon” and the children’s book “The Magical”, is one of the most sought after lecturers in Israel. Educator and family leader trained by Michal Daliot.
He managed the democratic “Kahila” high school in Tel Aviv, from there he went on to manage a unique educational framework for children with behavioral difficulties, on behalf of the Bat Yam municipality.
Jonathan works with youth in boarding schools, middle schools and urban high schools, and serves as an educational consultant and mentor to education teams in state and alternative schools and informal educational institutions throughout the country.
At the same time Jonathan currently manages a unique framework for youth that he founded
At the Ramot Yam middle school in Makmoorut alongside running a clinic
for parents in Tel Aviv and management of the arts field at a boarding school
“Hadisim” in Sharon..

how much does it cost?

5236 NIS for a face-to-face lecture | 4,800 NIS in Zoom

Where does this happen?

At your educational institution (:

How long is the lecture?

about one hour

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