Choose to be Batman

Empowerment and inspiration lecture for the youth

What is common and what is different between "The Joker" and "Batman"?

Both chose to react and behave differently following a tragic event that befell their lives.
How can you see the light out of the darkness? How do you grow out of difficulty?
How do you overcome the challenges of life in general, and puberty in particular,
Cultivating the strengths, and being an inspiration to our environment and society?
And no less important - how do we strengthen the entrepreneurs that we are, and turn our dreams into the reality of our lives,
and immediately answer "I am!"
To the question: "Who do you want to be when you grow up?"

Yonatan Doron’s immersive and moving lecture gives an empowering and fascinating experience to the youth wherever they are, and is full of emotion, humor and pain, and rich in both educational and human inspiration.

In the lecture Yonatan will reveal his personal story, about the journey from childhood in the air force bases as the son of a pilot father and a kindergarten mother, and his arrival at the Hadsim boarding school as an at-risk boy to his becoming an educator, youth guide, high school principal, family guide, and above all a person who makes dreams come true, a producer of documentary films, a creative musician who released 8 albums of his songs and performed in Zappa with the most senior musicians in Israel and the best-selling author – “Everything a child needs”.

The lecture gives great inspiration and empowerment to the whole range of youth, and gives them tools to develop their self-fulfillment and development. And most of them write and keep in touch with Jonathan after the lecture, for guidance and support.

The youth who were exposed to the lecture talk about the strengthening of faith in themselves and their ability to direct their lives to places of light and giving, for themselves and for the environment and society.

About the lecturer:

Yonatan Doron, author of the books “Everything a Child Needs”, “To the Magical Forest of Childhood”, “Children of the Moon” and the children’s book “The Magical”, is one of the most sought after lecturers in Israel. Educator and family leader trained by Michal Daliot.
He managed the democratic “Kahila” high school in Tel Aviv, from there he went on to manage a unique educational framework for children with behavioral difficulties, on behalf of the Bat Yam municipality.
Jonathan works with youth in boarding schools, middle schools and urban high schools, and serves as an educational consultant and mentor to education teams in state and alternative schools and informal educational institutions throughout the country.
At the same time Jonathan currently manages a unique framework for youth that he founded
At the Ramot Yam middle school in Makmoorut alongside running a clinic
for parents in Tel Aviv and management of the arts field at a boarding school
“Hadisim” in Sharon..

how much does it cost?

5236 NIS for a face-to-face lecture | 4,800 NIS in Zoom

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At your educational institution (:

How long is the lecture?

about one hour

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