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To write a book and/or lecture

Over a decade active in creating music, writing books and giving lectures on stages all over the country.
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Warm recommendation // from the country's president Reuven Rivlin

"The saying of Rabbi Shlomo Karlibach, from which the book takes its name, "All a child needs is one adult to believe in him", as if inviting us to assume that the work of education, and the tipah of the younger generation, is a trivial matter. except you In your book, it is helpful to describe the dedication and determination required to gain the trust of children - and all the more Children and youth who are in various situations of distress and risk..."

By: Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin | Published: May 14, 2020 | Jerusalem, 20 Bayer 5555

ORAH magazine // Following your dreams

In-depth article in ORAH magazine in Canada, 4 pages interview.

ORAH WINTER 2020 | Published on March 19, 2020

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Interview on the show "Such a Family" // Channel 10

What are the things every child needs?
Super Daddy is hosted by Michal Yanai in such a family program.

With Michal Yanai Published: 01/02/19

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Interview on the morning program "Opening a Yom" // Channel 13

Super Daddy - How did you overcome domestic violence and become an educator?
Yonatan Doron in the morning show "Opening a Yom" network

With Noa Razin and Elad Zohar Posted: 10/29/18

An article in Mako // 10 things every child needs

To feel loved, to feel belong, to feel needed and also to be bored from time to time:
Here are 10 things that your children need and that you can provide them immediately

By: Merav Doster | Published: 25/08/17 06:13

Article in Meko // "8" - a protest song written about Operation "Cast Lead"

"Grad and more grad, it's Doberman, it's Lieberman"
Yonatan Doron releases "8", the first single from his first solo album. This is a protest song, written about the military service in Operation "Cast Lead", which broke out exactly this week a year ago

By: Assaf Nebo Posted 12/28/09 12:21 PM