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About Jonathan Doron

"Sometimes in an educational process with a child we are like walking in the dark.
But there is no night with complete darkness. There is always a star there."

From the book “Everything a child needs” / by: Yonatan Doron
Yonatan Doron is an educator and family counselor,
The author of the educational bestseller – “Everything a child needs” , the most sought after lecturers in Israel.
Jonathan has been invited to lecture twice on the global TED stage, and is an international workshop leader all over the world.
Educational consultant for education teams in state and alternative schools, and informal educational institutions.
Jonathan ran a democratic high school in Tel Aviv,
A unique educational framework for children with integration difficulties in the city of Bat Yam,
and managing a project he set up for teenagers in the fishing trawler.
In his debut book, which received the most enthusiastic responses from Israel and the world, even in its English edition,
Jonathan wrote a mandatory educational guide for every parent and educator in the new era.
The guide is written as a personal and revealing travel diary of the unbelievable story of Jonathan , the son of a pilot father
and a kindergarten mother, who found himself at the age of 10 as a child at risk, and at the age of 14 arrived at the Hadsim boarding school,
In it he found the renewed strength to “be born again”, to believe and choose life.
The book combines within it the provision of tools and emphasis for educational work with children and youth in the new era
From the perspective of an educator with more than 20 years of experience with a very wide range of parents, educational approaches, children and teenagers.
With the publication of the book, which will become a bestseller and especially loved among parents and education and care workers in Israel,
Yonatan became one of the most sought after lecturers in Israel with his lecture “Everything a Child Needs” ,
In dozens of educational institutions, hi-tech companies and organizations, and academic institutions such as the Kibbutzim Seminary and Bar Ilan, Afava College and more…
Today, Jonathan is a mentor for the processes of empowerment and fulfillment, building inspirational lectures and writing books.​
Yonatan accompanies school teams throughout the country, and conducts workshops for education teams, parents and teenagers, alongside the fact that he founded the “Yonatan Doron Education Academy” in the center of the country, where the tenth cohort of students are already studying in the evening and morning classes.
In 2019, his second book for adults was published – “To the Enchanted Forest of Childhood” , and the first adventure and fantasy book for children, called – “The Enchanted” , was published in the summer of 2020.
In 2021, Yonatan’s third book focusing on youth – “Children of the Moon” was published.
The year Jonathan began his lecture tour abroad, in North America.
His books are available here for delivery anywhere in the world.
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