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The children of the moon show

This is one of the most exciting days of my life. With each and every one in this album I have a significant journey. There are some here that I have known since they were in the first and second grade. Maybe actually this album is a kind of excuse for me to create and be with them again in a close activity and in a close relationship. But what is certain is that I am very concerned that this pain of childhood and youth has not diminished in our world over the years, but has increased. And I felt that I wanted to return to the songs of Aviv, the songs that raised me and I grew up through them, and connect my youth to them. I shuddered at the end result.
This album came out much more beautiful and complete than I dreamed it would be when I started with it.
I want to say a big thank you to Tomer Zedekiah, my dear friend, for the heart you are, for all the goodness you gave to the children and me here in this album.
Thank you Eran Mitelman, I am still far from digesting the magnitude of the honor and privilege you have given to the children and me.
Thanks to the one and only Eldad Citrin, when genius and heart go together – it’s already a wonder of the world.
A big thank you to my beloved brother, Yahel, who wrapped and gave as many guitars and love here as he could.
Thanks to Jonathan Yacovi who was my shoulder, heart, head and true friend on this trip. And what mixes. And what a mastering. You are one of a generation.
Thanks to Elad and Aviv from “Gal Kol” studios, this album is also so much thanks to you.
Thanks to Oren Ronen, the amazing hit from the Champions Digistage – love you! Love you!
Thanks to my beloved children for every second of being together
Thanks to Aviv for the songs and inspiration
And a big congratulations for the birthday that happened today
Thank you for the moonlight that has accompanied me since I was 14
Now this album has its journey in the world😍🎧🌈


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