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Children of the Moon – the album

Children of the Moon – The album was a dream of mine, to collect and connect my apprentices and apprentices, from wherever I have educated, guided and managed over the past 20 years and create something common together.

This dream sat on the shelf of my heart for a long time, and when my new book, “Children of the Moon” was published, I realized that here it was going to happen.

I wanted to create a dialogue here between my youth and theirs.

I decided to take the songs I grew up on and through them, and give each and every one of my students one song from the repertoire of the one whose creation, I then left home as a teenager to attend boarding school – Aviv Gefen.

I feel it is of utmost importance to flood here songs that are so lacking here today. Songs that talk about what goes through children, about teenagers, and present them directly from the mouths of the teenagers themselves.

The album will have 11 songs from Aviv, performed by the teenagers I grew up with over the years.

Each and every one has his and her own story, with life, with youth and with me.

I can’t find the words to describe to you how I felt when we first met in the studio, when the common denominator is that they are all my eternal children.

I watched them from the side, and saw with excitement how each and every one of them grew to be a single lantern in the world’s street of love.

I decided that the album would be recorded in the album where Aviv recorded his first albums, “Gal Kol” studios.

First recordings began last week. The album will be released this winter, and there will be more good news and surprises following it.

The peak of emotion is here.



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