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the hug

One day he came to the frame where I manage Tom, a boy whose gaze is deep, beautiful and sad.

A six-year-old boy in first grade, who the first thing he did when he saw me was

Hold my hand and ask me to take him with me. Even before I said

He knew my name, even before he knew I knew his name.

One day, when he was having a severe tantrum, the coordinator and the instructor called me

His to reach the room where they have been trying for many minutes to calm him down, and kidnap him

Hits and bites.

I entered the room and saw Tom disintegrated inside, in a tremendous rage, crying and screaming.

“I’m here with you so you can relax,” I told him in a quiet voice devoid of anger.

“I will hit you!” cried out

“I’m here with you so you can relax,” I told him again, without anger.

I got slapped. and one more. and one more.

I could feel that it was a difficult moment for the coordinator and the teacher to see a child hit

the manager, but I checked my ego, and he answered me that he was perfectly fine.

I asked my body, and it answered that it would withstand the beatings of a six-year-old boy.

I looked lovingly at this boy who had been through so much in his six years.

I looked into his eyes and smiled.

He took a few steps back and sat down in the corner of the room.

calm down

After a few minutes of calm we all left the room to the yard.

“Jonathan, why did you let him hit you like that?” the coordinator asked me.

“I believe that no child wants to behave like this. If only he could, he would

chooses to behave differently. Tom should have seen that even when he was using

In all his power – I’m still there for him and I’m right to pay the price

The words I said, that I’m here for him to calm down, no matter what it entails.

In order for him to be able to relax he had to see that there was a leader in front of him who did not panic

From him, you can lean on him and he is strong even for him. After he saw that I was strong

For him and his attack did not shake my love and compassion for him,

We could have made progress.”

Some time later Tom moved to a new school and separated from my group as well.

Two weeks later I went there to visit him. I entered the classroom, and I saw

He plays there on the side with a friend in toy trucks and motorcycles.

The second his gaze was directed at me and he saw me, he just dropped everything,

He jumped on me and hugged me in a strong and long hug.

without words.

And I wrapped him in warmth and whispered to him that I was so proud of him.

“I got 185 today! I’m doing well! I’m good!!!” He told me with his eyes

Shining and with a wide smile when he is in my arms, and his teacher smiled in her eyes

Burkat and said: “Yonathan, you don’t understand what a cannon he is!”

I really don’t always understand, but I try not to stop believing. the hug

What I received from Tom was powerful for me and I will carry it with me always. This moment

Reminded me of the words from Aviv Gefen’s poem, “Yoman Mesa”, which he performed with Eric

Einstein: “The touch of tenderness overcomes the blow, a record in a travel diary…”

Here, I got to write it down too.

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