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The hero conquers his creation

me and him.

he and I.

And I thought to myself: “How good it is to have the holiday of Purim, and we can celebrate who we are not really, or who we dreamed a little of being…”

And here, me and him.

On a daily basis, in the educational framework that I manage,

I’m more “Captain America” and he’s more “The Green Giant”.

I’m the one chasing after him with an imaginary “shield” that can absorb everything, and whispering/yelling to him – “Choose the good! ‘Don’t turn “green”!’

A few days ago, I made a manager’s decision, a decision that hurt him.

And within seconds I found myself running after him in the lawns,

But instead of threatening him, I suggested that we sit and talk on any bench he chooses. He stopped, pointed to a bench and we sat down.

“So what made you so angry and hurt by my decision?”, I asked.

And he explained himself wonderfully.

I looked him in the eyes and said to him: “You’re right. I was wrong. Let’s go back and I’ll correct the mistake I made.”

He opened his eyes wide, like a baby’s that has just come out into the world and looks at everything with suspicion mixed with immense wonder.

“But you’re my manager! You are an adult!

How can I be right?!’ he told me in utter bewilderment.

“Adults are not gods, my child.

Managers are not gods either.

I also come to learn from you children every morning.

If I use my power as “the righteous and stern adult”,

Then I will lose the lessons you come to teach me every day,’ I answered him.

We hugged and went back inside.

I also have a green giant,

(And of course next to him I’m the perfect size to portray the giant☺️)

All life is a journey of learning under control,

On our powerful and dark and damaged side.

Sometimes I need a “Captain America” like that too,

to run me through the lawns,

And he whispered/shouted in my ears: “Choose the good! Don’t turn green!”

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