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A cookie of happiness

“But man, why does Stallone keep making movies if they are like that

Failed?” I asked my brother Yahel a few months ago, when we went out

From another Sylvester Stallone movie, Rambo and the undisputed Rocky of

Our barefoot childhood.

“So that he has something to get up for in the morning,” Yahel answered.

“And why does this singer (whose name I will not mention here) continue to perform and sing

If he no longer sounds good and even fakes?” I added and asked.

“So that he has something to get up for in the morning,” signed my brother again.

I recently read the book “Ikigai – the Japanese secret to a long life.”

and happy”, written by Hector Garcia and Francesc Mirayes. They arrived until

to a small village on the island of Okinawa in Japan, many of whose residents are over a hundred years old,

and were exposed to the local secrets. Well, at least I started studying art

The fighting – Wichi Rio – of the islanders. But where the hell is my life hidden?

The same Japanese happiness?!

I’ve been waiting so long for Netflix to air the special show of

Bruce Springsteen on Broadway, the one in which he appears alone on stage, accompanied

himself on guitar and piano and weaves his life story between the songs. And when that

It happened that I lit candles all over the house, poured myself a glass of whiskey and gave birth

A small plate of peanuts, and I sat down to swallow it all. But Bruce, dammit,

Bruce Springsteen himself, I don’t think at all like someone who read

You are “Ikigai”. He seems tired and especially sad to me. “I never worked

five days a week so far, and I don’t like it,” he told the crowd,

who laughed in response. They probably know what he’s talking about.

To this day I ran after the giants of my childhood and youth, I hugged

them and I looked for that spark of Japanese happiness in their eyes. But I struggled

find, confess. Most of them look tired and exhausted from this race. Maybe because they are

Not really Japanese?

After I finished reading a few more books on Japanese wisdom, I opened up

The book in memory of my late grandfather, Shlomo Doron. The book was produced after his death

The first brings his history as he himself summarized and compiled a memory and more

memory, and call this file “Shards”. So what, grandpa, I asked him inside,

I have to look for the shards, right?

The wonderful and my favorite Avitar Banai has a song called “Alf

people”. A painful and brave song, here are some of his words:

“A thousand people are looking at me from the mirror.

I give everything, before the end I get tired.

Alone in front of the basket scores three-pointers,

Imagining the crowd cheering, running to the stands…”

Avitar said on the occasion that the song speaks of this need for a thousand people

To experience this momentary “orgasm of happiness” that fills and satisfies you

his heart I mean, 900 won’t be enough here. Not 999 either. You need a pergola below,

Upstairs pergola + kosher sushi at the gates of grace. This startling infinity of

Our aspirations for ourselves and life.

So when Zvika, the guard in my little Amelie’s garden, gave me a tchafa on

the shoulder and said to me “Good luck with your lecture at Beit Zioni America”,

I answered him, “Zvika, you must mean that I will enjoy it, because I will be successful already

I succeeded.”

Zvika raised his white eyebrows to his forehead in utter amazement

His greeting.

“Zvika, what makes you happy?” I asked.

“to read books!” He answered enthusiastically.

“And I know from you that every day you read books here in the garden, and a lot.”

“Right! And it’s great fun that I got to work in a job that allows me to do that! incidentally,

Did you read the last book by the head of the Shin Bet that I recommended to you?”

“You see, Zvika,” I told him, “my grandfather was probably right. Happiness is found

In the pieces of our lives. I believe the most important thing is that like Sylvester

Stallone, we’ll have something to get up for in the morning. This is success. What a great love

that shakes us from the inside and does not depend on the amount of income or the number of chairs

The people in the hall and the audience watching us. People telling me ‘good luck

Good luck’, they actually mean to say, ‘May you become famous, Amen!’ But advertising is just that

Advertising, and it is a mistake to hang on it the “success” we wish for ourselves.

Otherwise, when the thousand people arrive at ‘Maroh’, we will not be satisfied with them. We will tell ourselves

that we only succeeded if 100,000 people came. Do you understand me?” I stopped to breathe.

“Jonathan, is everything alright?” Tzvika asked, lowering her eyebrows back into place.

“Yes yes, I’m still on Broadway, excuse me,” I replied and hurried to the car.

“Broadway??? I told you that you are a special person and will go as far as possible!”

I also heard Tzvika shouting at me.

I returned home, and just then Yahal called me and asked if he could pay me back now

The guitar I lent him for his and Guy’s concert, which must have been amazing.

“Would you like coffee?” I asked with Japanese politeness that I had recently adopted.

“Come on!” He answered in the tone of a happy Japanese.

Yahel arrived with a folded bag of cookies in his hand, which was already open. I made

We have the coffee from the happiness machine of my life, thanks to the divine Clooney and Nespresso.

We sat and talked, I no longer remember what. There must also have been love, success,

Advertising, faith, guitars, effects and Japanese. I took a bite of the cookie and crumbled

From it they fell and crashed softly into my coffee cup. I looked at my brother, and all the pieces

In them I trained for complete and great happiness.

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