The hero conquers his creation

me and him. he and I. And I thought to myself: “How good it is to have the holiday of Purim, and we can celebrate who we are not really, or who we dreamed a little of being…” And here, me and him. On a daily basis, in the educational framework that I manage, I’m […]

A cookie of happiness

“But man, why does Stallone keep making movies if they are like that Failed?” I asked my brother Yahel a few months ago, when we went out From another Sylvester Stallone movie, Rambo and the undisputed Rocky of Our barefoot childhood. “So that he has something to get up for in the morning,” Yahel answered. […]

the hug

One day he came to the frame where I manage Tom, a boy whose gaze is deep, beautiful and sad. A six-year-old boy in first grade, who the first thing he did when he saw me was Hold my hand and ask me to take him with me. Even before I said He knew my […]

To the non-obvious

Trying to educate my children to the obvious. not the rain not the moment Not the cornflakes Not the song Not the legend Not the laugh Not even a tear Not true friendship And certainly not love

on top of the world

Yesterday I was on one of the world’s roofs – the world TED stage. According to what they say, I am the first person in the world to give 2 Ted lectures in the interval of a few months from each other. The process for this lecture was fascinating, educational and also very stressful. Suddenly, […]


And in my youth I had two Solomon kings – Solomon my grandfather, and Solomon my country. But Shlomo’s grandfather did not like Shlomo Artzi. During an argument between our sons, he once threw me: “If you tie me to a chair and give me his songs – by the third song I’ll already be […]


“Yeah, I heard you’re a big rock star here, but not in my room Smokers,” Ron the psychologist told me in the small treatment room that was there So at school Vitzo Hadasim. With sadness and a sense of defeat, I extinguished the red Marlboro cigarette Mine was in the disposable cup he handed me […]