New Land

From: Lectures by Jonathan Doron

A lecture combining poems and stories about Israeli parenting What is so special and different about Israeli parenting? What is the greatest thing that we as parents can give to our children? Can we and should we raise happy children? What is the contribution of Shalom Hanoch, Shlomo Artzi and Ehud Manor to the new fatherhood? What did Walt Disney make us think of mom and dad?

New Land

Yonatan Doron’s new, immersive and exciting lecture
Provides an empowering and strengthening experience for parents of all ages.
In the lecture Jonathan will reveal his personal journey to parenthood, and how he found himself as the only man in a class of 36
Women on track to train Michal Daliot’s parent and family facilitators.
At the meeting, Jonathan will pave an exciting path to new motherhood and fatherhood,
will touch on today’s parenting challenges through stories, laughter and tears, guitar and songs, and shared adventures
Parents straight from the couch of the clinic.

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About the lecturer

Yonatan Doron , author of the books “Everything a Child Needs”, “To the Magical Forest of Childhood”, “Children of the Moon” and the children’s book “The Magical”, is one of the most sought after lecturers in Israel. Educator and family leader who was trained by Michal Daliot. Managed the democratic “Community” high school in Tel Aviv, from there he continued to manage a unique educational framework for children with behavioral difficulties, on behalf of the Bat Yam municipality.
Jonathan works with youth in boarding schools, middle schools and urban high schools, and serves as an educational consultant and mentor to education teams in state and alternative schools and informal educational institutions throughout the country.
At the same time, Yonatan is currently managing a unique framework for youth that he founded in Ramot Yam Middle School in Makmurt alongside running a clinic
For parents in Tel Aviv and management of the arts department at the Hadassim boarding school in Sharon.

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