Everything a child needs – the inspirational lecture of the world of education

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What are the most important things that children and youth need? How do you manage to reach every child and create change in the existing educational framework? What is behind the saying - "All a child needs is one adult to believe in him"? What are the "big enemies" of education and parenting in Israel 2021? Do we, as parents and educators, have control over our children's happiness?

Everything a child needs – the inspirational lecture of the world of education

The lecture that reached the world TED!

Yonatan Doron’s immersive and moving lecture
Provides an empowering and strengthening experience for educators and parents alike, full of emotion, humor and pain, and rich in inspiration
both educational and human.
In light of the success, in 2021 TED World decided to stage the lecture
to the TEDx stage for the whole world
In the lecture Yonatan will reveal his personal story, about his childhood at the air force bases as the son of a pilot father and a kindergarten teacher mother,
and his arrival at the Hadsim boarding school as an at-risk youth, and will provide tools and emphasis for working with children and youth,
through case stories and answering the audience’s questions.
To date, the lecture has been booked in dozens of educational institutions throughout the country, moshavim, kibbutzim, municipalities and educational bodies
(Ministry of Education, WICHO World Organization and more), academic institutions (Bar Ilan, Kibbutzim Seminary),
and is held once a month at the “Beit Zioni America” in Tel Aviv for the audience that buys the tickets.
Jonathan’s first book, which became a bestseller, was translated into English in the USA and was published there, in November
2019 Jonathan started an international lecture tour that began in Canada.

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About the lecturer

Yonatan Doron , author of the books “Everything a Child Needs”, “To the Magical Forest of Childhood”, “Children of the Moon” and the children’s book “The Magical”, is one of the most sought after lecturers in Israel. Educator and family leader who was trained by Michal Daliot. Managed the democratic “Community” high school in Tel Aviv, from there he continued to manage a unique educational framework for children with behavioral difficulties, on behalf of the Bat Yam municipality.
Jonathan works with youth in boarding schools, middle schools and urban high schools, and serves as an educational consultant and mentor to education teams in state and alternative schools and informal educational institutions throughout the country.
At the same time, Yonatan is currently managing a unique framework for youth that he founded in Ramot Yam Middle School in Makmurt alongside running a clinic
For parents in Tel Aviv and management of the arts department at the Hadassim boarding school in Sharon.

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