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Solid wood

Special episode - everything a child needs

Once in this picture it was just the two of us

Unbelievable but it’s been 28 years since then

that we both received the same key to the same room in the village.

We slept on an iron bunk bed.

You and I, and sometimes we fought battles against the whole world, and we knew that we always had this friendship of ours that would survive any storm.

Several times a week we made sure to escape from the boarding school, the village, to the fields and orchards.

For a few minutes we even liked the same girl.

We dreamed of big dreams, what we will be when we grow up, and of days when we will have a place, a house of our own

And we and the children we will have will always sleep only on solid wooden beds

Never on cold iron beds.

And everything we loved back then

We hold on to love even today

And everything that hurt us then

It still hurts us even today

And today, when I came to visit you, I wrote to you about how excited I am.

And when I got to you, I sat with my glass of wine on the balcony

And I took this picture,

And I thought to myself that once in this picture it was just the two of us,

And now my girl and your girl appear in it

Laughing and raving just like we were

And now they fall asleep and walk to their dreams on solid wooden beds.

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