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When Michelle was just before entering the first grade, I wanted to take her to the green village, which over the years has become a colorful village of alternative education paths. As someone who was educated for about a decade in a democratic school, I wanted her to know some school options, to which she would wake up in the mornings of her weekdays In the next 12 years. But, at the gate of the village, Michelle demanded that I do a U-turn. “I want to be close to home and be in class with my friends from kindergarten!”. She told me decisively. Democratic education taught me to always put a big question mark at the moment when I think I know what is good for the child, more than him.

I learned that in the overwhelming majority of cases the children know better than me what is right and good for them. It is easier to do it with your apprentices and students. It is much more challenging to do it with your official offspring. And we made a move back home, and Michelle enrolled in the school closest to the house as she wanted. The years have passed since that move, and in the last two years Shiran and I have seen and heard the beauty of the inner voice that grew in Michelle, like the Chinese paulownia tree. Michelle decided that she wanted to go to school Other. In another way. in a different approach. She wanted. She made up her mind. Sheeran and I went hand in hand with her on an exciting search, and finally Michelle chose – “Derech Hild”, the Montessori school in the Green Village. When do you want to move? – Yesterday! Immediately! Like this, in the middle of the year, like the phoenix, like the snake shedding its net and being renewed, so Michelle decided with courage to rediscover herself in a new place without any people or land that she knows. Ours is right.

After all, life is now. And life is not really a division into age groups, classes, frameworks. Life is what we choose to make of it and with it. And here, Michelle has already vowed that she wants to start a revolution of changing the name of her new school – to “The Girl’s Way”. We are so impressed and proud of you girl Brave, smart and connected to herself and so much to herself

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